Shape-Engineerable Composite Fibers and Their Supercapacitor Application


Due to excellent electrical and mechanical properties of carbon nano materials, it is of great interest to fabricate flexible, high conductive, and shape engineered carbon based fibers. As part of these approaches, hollow, twist, ribbon, and other various shapes of carbon based fibers have been researched for various functionality and application. In this paper, we suggest simple and effective method to control the fiber shape. We fabricate the three different shapes of hollow, twisted, and ribbon shaped fibers from wet spun giant graphene oxide (GGO)/single walled-nanotubes (SWNTs)/poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) gels. Each shaped fibers exhibit different mechanical properties. The average specific strengthes of the hollow, twist, and ribbon fibers presented here are 126.5, 106.9, and 38.0 MPa while strain are 9.3, 13.5, and 5%, respectively. Especially, the ribbon fiber shows high electrical conductivity (524 ± 64 S cm⁻¹) and areal capacitance (2.38 mF cm⁻²).



Carbon fibers, Graphene, Electric capacity, Supercapacitors, Carbon nanotubes

KOREA-US Air Force Cooperation Program (Grant No.2013K1A3A1A32035592) in Korea; Air Force Grant AOARD-13-4119, Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant FA9550-12-1-0211, and Robert A. Welch Foundation grant AT-0029 in the USA


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