Temperature Dependence of the Infrared Absorption Cross-Sections of Neutral Species Commonly Found in Fluorocarbon Plasmas



This article serves as a reference for the analysis of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy data from processing plasmas. Until now, there has been a lack of accurate reference data for addressing the problems of species identification and density measurements in cases of increasing gas temperatures. Our results show that, while the integrated absorption cross-sections do not change significantly as temperature increases, the temperature of the absorbing species can be estimated from the rotational band maximum in most cases. Integrated absorption cross-sections for c-C3F6, C4F8, C3F8, C2F6, C2F4, and CF4 are presented for all fundamental bands in the 650 cm(-1) to 2000 cm(-1) region. In addition, the binary combination bands up to 4000 cm(-1) are presented for all species. The temperature of each species has been varied to correspond to neutral temperatures commonly found in processing plasmas.



Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Infrared absorption, Fluorocarbon plasma



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Nelson, Caleb T., Lawrence J. Overzet, and Matthew J. Goeckner. 2012. "Temperature dependence of the infrared absorption cross-sections of neutral species commonly found in fluorocarbon plasmas." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 30(2): 021305-021305.