High-Performance Biscrolled MXene/Carbon Nanotube Yarn Supercapacitors



Yarn-shaped supercapacitors (YSCs) once integrated into fabrics provide promising energy storage solutions to the increasing demand of wearable and portable electronics. In such device format, however, it is a challenge to achieve outstanding electrochemical performance without compromising flexibility. Here, MXene-based YSCs that exhibit both flexibility and superior energy storage performance by employing a biscrolling approach to create flexible yarns from highly delaminated and pseudocapacitive MXene sheets that are trapped within helical yarn corridors are reported. With specific capacitance and energy and power densities values exceeding those reported for any YSCs, this work illustrates that biscrolled MXene yarns can potentially provide the conformal energy solution for powering electronics beyond just the form factor of flexible YSCs.



Carbon nanotubes, Energy storage, Flexible electronics, Nanotubes, Supercapacitors, Wool, Electric capacity, Yarn


Australian Research Council (FT130100380, IH140100018, and DP170102859)


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