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2005 Program for men's soccer, women's soccer, and volleyball. Men's soccer team includes Kevin Atnip, Cesar Bedoya, Samir Chaouche, Quentin Colvin, Chris DeLarosa, Chris Forys, Tyler Fulton, Alvin Haynes, John Hicks, Greg Kachikis, John Keese, Bret Lynch, Jason Lynn, Jason McCabe, Landen Melcher, Gale Moody, Justin Morris, Ali Morshedi, Jimmy Njoroge, Matt Olson, Rory Rahn, Ryan Roberts, Sy Simonds, Danny Tarbet, Mark Thorpe, Kevin White, Jack Peel (head coach), Cody Worden (assistant coach), Jason Hirsch (student assistant) and Zac Lindley (student assistant). Women's soccer team includes Anna Alaman, Lyndsi Ayers, Jessica Beachy, Nicole Beals, Jennie Bireley, Audrey Boggs, Theresa Buckles, Renee Collini, Catherine Fox, Kacey Grisham, Kelli Jackson, Amanda Kallus, Tiffany Knobloch, Alyssa Kwast, Mallorie Lamping, Catie Moore, Genny Nevit, Nicole Randall, Stephanie Ross, Natalie Taylor, Ashley Walker, John Antonisse (head coach), Heather Martinelli (assistant coach). Volleyball team includes Anna Aronovich, Joanna Ashcraft, Brittany Fowler, Jessie Harpham, Jessica Hillebrand, Karen Hinkley, Lana Odom, Shelley Paull, Krissy Seaman, Justan Vanya, Heather Newsom (student assistant coach), Zach Villarreal (assistant coach), and Marci Sanders (head coach). Athletic department members listed include Chris Gage (Director of Athletics), Larry Gardner (Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and Head Athletic Trainer), Albert Buckles (Assistant Athletics Director for Development), Deanna Fitts (Athletic Department Administrative Assistant), Bruce Unrue (Sports Information Director), Brandi Shrirer (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Members of the coaching staff listed include Shane Shewmake (baseball), Terry Butterfield (men's basketball), Polly Thomason (women's basketball), Brandon Rains (cross country, Kim Sotomayer (cross country and interim softball), Chet Cook and Kat Salerno (golf), and Bryan Whitt (tennis). Action shots on the front cover and page 20 of identifiable players feature Natalie Taylor (#14), Jessica Beachy (#19), Lana Odom (#10) and Ali Moreshedi (#15).


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