Geophysical Investigations of Southern Fish Lake Valley, Western Great Basin, California




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Growth of the Cucomungo Canyon restraining bend along the Fish Lake Valley-Furnace Creek fault zone has resulted in localized uplift at the southern end of Fish Lake Valley in eastern California. This thesis is part of an integrated study by the Miles Geoscience Center to develop a model of this recent deformation. This study focuses on the southernmost section of Fish Lake Valley, where Paleozoic sedimentary rocks are juxtaposed with Cenozoic sediments on multiple faulted boundaries. Structural constraints are poorly known as the faults are locally obscured by Quaternary alluvial deposits of various ages. A near surface geophysical survey utilizing high-resolution seismic refraction and microGal gravity measurements was done to explore the subsurface beneath the alluvium. Forward models were created to identify faults and ascertain vertical offsets and orientations. The geophysical models indicate a zone of extensional deformation north of the restraining bend.



Great Basin, Fish Lake (Nev.), Seismic refraction method, Gravity, Sedimentary rocks


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