SmartProvenance: A Distributed, Blockchain Based Data Provenance System



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Association for Computing Machinery, Inc


Blockchain technology has evolved from being an immutable ledger of transactions for cryptocurrencies to a programmable interactive environment for building distributed reliable applications. Although the blockchain technology has been used to address various challenges, to our knowledge none of the previous work focused on using Blockchain to develop a secure and immutable scientific data provenance management framework that automatically verifies the provenance records. In this work, we leverage Blockchain as a platform to facilitate trustworthy data provenance collection, verification, and management. The developed system utilizes smart contracts and open provenance model (OPM) to record immutable data trails. We show that our proposed framework can securely capture and validate provenance data that prevents any malicious modification to the captured data as long as the majority of the participants are honest. ©2018 Copyright held by the owner/author(s). Publication rights licensed to Association for Computing Machinery.


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Blockchains (Databases), Autonomous distributed systems, Knowledge management, Computer networks—Security measures

The research reported herein was supported in part by NIH award 1R01HG006844, NSF awards CNS-1111529, CICI-1547324, and IIS- 1633331 and ARO award W911NF-17-1-0356.


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