Dual-Gate MoS₂ Transistors with Sub-10 NM Top-Gate High-K Dielectrics



High quality sub-10 nm high-k dielectrics are deposited on top of MoS₂ and evaluated using a dual-gate field effect transistor configuration. Comparison between top-gate HfO₂ and an Al₂O₃/HfO₂ bilayer shows significant improvement in device performance due to the insertion of the thin Al₂O₃ layer. The results show that the Al₂O₃ buffer layer improves the interface quality by effectively reducing the net fixed positive oxide charge at the top-gate MoS₂/high-k dielectric interface. Dual-gate sweeping, where both the top-gate and the back-gate are swept simultaneously, provides significant insight into the role of these oxide charges and improves overall device performance. Dual-gate transistors encapsulated in an Al₂O₃ dielectric demonstrate a near-ideal subthreshold swing of ~60 mV/dec and a high field effect mobility of 100 cm²/V·s.


Includes supplementary material


Aluminum oxide, Dielectrics, Field-effect transistors, Hafnium oxide, Semiconductors, Molybdenum compounds, Sulfur compounds


NSF Award No. ECCS-1407765, and the SFI Award No. 13/US/I2862


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