Comparison of Two Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Systems Involving Stereo Cameras, Depth Camera, and Inertial Sensor



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This paper presents a comparison of two real-time hand gesture recognition systems. One system utilizes a binocular stereo camera set-up while the other system utilizes a combination of a depth camera and an inertial sensor. The latter system is a dual-modality system as it utilizes two different types of sensors. These systems have been previously developed in the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas and the details of the algorithms deployed in these systems are reported in previous papers. In this paper, a comparison is carried out between these two real-time systems in order to examine which system performs better for the same set of hand gestures under realistic conditions.



Nonverbal communication, Gestures, Stereo fusion system, Stereo image system, Dual-modality sensor fusion system


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Liu, Kui, Nasser Kehtarnavaz, and Matthias Carlsohn. 2014. "Comparison of two real-time hand gesture recognition systems involving stereo cameras, depth camera, and inertial sensor." Real-time Image and Video Processing 2014 9139: 91390C-1 to 12.