X-band GaN MMIC inverse-F PA optimized for load modulation



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This thesis details the design and layout of a X-Band Inverse Class F power amplifier designed for active load modulation in an RF-input / RF-output outphasing system. The amplifier is designed to maximize efficiency given the load trajectory of an outphasing non-isolating lossless power combiner. An additional design goal is to maximize linearity of the system as a whole once the power combining and power splitting networks are designed. The amplifier was designed and simulated using ADS (Advanced Design Systems) in CREE’s (Wolfspeed’s) 0.25 µm process technology. Additionally, simulations were run using the EM simulation file, which was generated by running the ADS amplifier layout file through Momentum, within an idealized system setup in order to test theoretical performance within the system. The system was developed using ideal circuit components in order to ease the simulation and design of the amplifier. Future work will include the design and optimization of the combiner and splitter networks for a fully functioning and optimized system.



Power amplifiers, Microwave integrated circuits, Gallium nitride, Modulation (Electronics)



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