One-Step Combined-Nanolithography-And-Photolithography for a 2d Photonic Crystal TM Polarizer


Photonic crystals have been widely investigated since they have great potential to manipulate the flow of light in an ultra-compact-scale and enable numerous innovative applications. 2D slab photonic crystals for the telecommunication C band at around 1550 nm have multi-scale structures that are typically micron-scale waveguides and deep sub-micron-scale air hole arrays. Several steps of nanolithography and photolithography are usually used for the fabrication of multi-scale photonic crystals. In this work, we report a one-step lithography process to pattern both micron and deep sub-micron features simultaneously for the 2D slab photonic crystal using combined-nanoimprint-andphotolithography. As a demonstrator, a 2D silicon photonic crystal transverse magnetic (TM) polarizer was fabricated, and the operation was successfully demonstrated.


Walter Hu is actually Wenchuang (Walter) Hu.


Photonic crystals, Silicon, Photolithography, Transverse magnetic polarizers


CC BY 3.0 (Attribution), ©2014 The Authors


Choi, K. -H, J. Huh, Y. Cui, K. Trivedi, et al. 2014. "One-step combined-nanolithography-and-photolithography for a 2D photonic crystal TM polarizer." Micromachines 5(2): 228-238.