Application of ZnO Schottky Diodes in Rectifier Circuits for Implementation in Energy Harvesting


This work presents the results obtained from the SPICE simulation of a full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, a double half-wave rectifier circuit and a half-wave rectifier circuit, each at a frequency of 816MHz and low amplitude. The results match the experimental I-V curves obtained with the parameters extracted from the electrical characteristics of the experimental Schottky diodes: Si/SiO₂/Cr/Au/ZnO/Al, glass/Al/ZnO/Au and glass/Al/ZnO/Pd. The results of the simulation show that the devices fabricated in this work can be a useful alternatives for rectifier circuits commonly used in energy harvesting systems, because they are capable of delivering output rectified voltages higher than 1V.


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Energy harvesting, Electric current rectifiers, Diodes, Schottky-barrier, Thin-films, Materials science