Polystyrene-Coated Interdigitated Microelectrode Array to Detect Free Chlorine Towards IoT Applications



We apply interdigitated microelectrode array (IDA) sensors for water quality monitoring. IDA sensors with an ion-sensitive coating show higher sensitivity of about 600 mV with the hypochlorite ion concentration increasing from 0 to 10 ppm more than the traditional sensing method. The response mechanism and selectivity have been studied. Several material components that affect the sensing process were explored. Coupling agents and plasticizer were introduced into the coating material to improve the coating material quality and its adhesion to the electrodes. The stability/repeatability and linearity have been significantly improved. ©2019, The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry.


Supplementary material included.


Free chlorine, Detectors, Chlorine, Microelectrodes, Sensors, Water quality, Hypochlorites, Coatings, Water quality--Measurement, Internet of things


National Natural Science Foundation of China research project (61574046, 61574044, 61628402, 61774045); National Key Research and Developmental Program of China (2016YFB0201304).


©2019 Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry