Harabagiu, Sanda M.

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Dr. Harabagiu studies research combines computational aspects of written communication – a field that touches on aspects of linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence. She then connects that information with other areas, such as biomedical science. She holds the Research Initiation Chair and is the director of the Human Language Technology Research Institute.

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    Statistical and Similarity Methods for Classifying Emotion in Suicide Notes.
    Roberts, Kirk; Harabagiu, Sanda M.; 0000 0001 1593 9641 (Harabagiu, SM); 2003067158 (Harabagiu, SM)
    In this paper we report on the approaches that we developed for the 2011 i2b2 Shared Task on Sentiment Analysis of Suicide Notes. We have cast the problem of detecting emotions in suicide notes as a supervised multi-label classification problem. Our classifiers use a variety of features based on (a) lexical indicators, (b) topic scores, and (c) similarity measures. Our best submission has a precision of 0.551, a recall of 0.485, and a F-measure of 0.516.

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